“I don’t know how you did it. It’s hard to get our sales team to sit still and you had them enthralled for three hours straight. Your tips on communication were insightful and totally applicable to our work. And the cheeky anecdotes were a big surprise.”

- Glenn Von Bibra, Director, VIP Personnel

“Karen has to work for herself or she’d get fired for telling the truth. Her observations are spot on and she delivers her barbs in an honest and engaging way. She looked after the formal affairs all night and feedback from our staff was very positive.”

- Andy Hudson-Conway, Director, Faraday & Associates

“Thanks so much Karen. You knew when to be serious and respectful at our company meetings but after dark kept us entertained. You really understand business and took the time to learn about ours. See you next time. “

- Jason Willis, Director, WTA

“Our department consists of many different groups of people and Karen bridged the cultural and age gaps extremely well. Her general knowledge astounded us and the way she ties her stories in with business transformation messages was exactly what we wanted.”

- Claire Robinson and Matt Dickman, Commonwealth Bank

With praise like that don’t you want to contact Karen and make your next work function a little more exciting than exposing the oldest board member doing naughties in the upstairs meeting room?