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Corporate Training in Melbourne

It can be difficult to get employees completely engaged in workplace training. It is often seen as an unwanted distraction and is rarely presented in a way that connects with people. (I’m seeing a beige room with beige biscuits for morning tea.) Plus, there’s training seen as punishment and the natural fear of change to contend with. When it comes to finding a specialist in corporate training in Melbourne, Karen Sims is your person. Karen engages brilliantly with all audiences and delivers training and facilitation sessions in a way that enables audiences to embrace change and retain concepts and information with confidence.

One of Melbourne’s Most Engaging and Experienced Corporate Trainers and Facilitators

Karen Sims has delivered exciting and engaging corporate training Melbourne wide for over 20 years, providing her services to a vast range of audiences of all sizes and across numerous industries. Her knowledge, intuition and exuberance combine to impart relevant information with an engaging delivery style that results in effective retention and participant confidence that what is new doesn’t have to be scary. Karen is renowned for her empathetic yet firm approach to ensure her corporate training in Melbourne is successful.

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Do you have new graduate program starting, a new team or department on board, or are you installing a new system? Do staff members need a refresher, or are there new processes and policies that need to be explained? If so, get in touch with Karen Sims today – one of the most in-demand facilitators of corporate training in Melbourne.